Jaycees Child Care Center – “Providing Safe, Affordable, Quality Child Care”

The Jaycees Child Care Center is a state licensed facility with a program that is structured to accommodate both the preschool and childcare concept. Our program includes daily academic instruction as well as art & crafts, music & of course old fashioned fun. Our program has been very successful in preparing children for elementary school and has been "time tested" with excellent feedback from parents.


Play is a natural function, and the learning that takes place is achieved through the process of “doing.” Through a sequence of exploration, experimentation, repetition and discovery, the “play” becomes learning.

Each child is a unique being, worthy of respect and love regardless of talents or disposition. The interaction between the teachers and the children dictates the success of our program. Therefore, when good relationships blossom, learning flourishes.

Each child has his/her own learning style; children learn through observing, listening, repeating (verbally), doing it themselves, or a combination of these learning styles. Our teachers plan a variety of activities to include all of these learning styles so that each child has an opportunity to learn in the way that he/she learns best.

The daily schedules are designed for flexibility. Activity groups and settings are varied, i.e., indoors, outdoors, quiet, group and individual. Children are encouraged to be self-directed and selective. This gives them the freedom to make choices and provides them the opportunity to accept responsibilities, to develop self-discipline and have some control over their environment.

Here are some additional facts about our facility:

Ages: 6 Weeks to 12 Years Old
Hours: 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Owned and Operated by: Crescent Cities Jaycees Foundation, Inc.
a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization
Licensed by: Maryland State Department of Education

Jaycees Child Care Center
7624 Lanham Lane
Fort Washington, MD 20744

(301) 248-2185
Email: jckidcare@verizon.net

Visual Directions:

Text Directions:
From Temple Hill Road & Allentown Road
Go west one block past Allentown Fitness and Splash Park. Turn left on Lanham Lane to Jaycees Child Care Center




Our Day Care Brochure for you

A Guide to Selecting A Day Care Center

• Make a list of child care providers available.

• Call to find out about openings & hours of operation.

• Visit the day care. Make sure that it is licensed.

• Look over the center for cleanliness, toys, play space inside, available room inside and play space outside.

• How do the teachers treat your child? Are they friendly?
• How do they talk to your child and how do they deal with problems?

• Do the other children in the center look happy?

• Do they have an open door policy for parental visits?

• Ask other parents questions like “If you had to find a day care again, would you select the same day care?”

• If you feel unsure about your choice, visit it again.

• To avoid surprises, always have an agreement. Make sure that you clearly understand any requirements.

Jaycees Child Care Center | 7624 Lanham Lane | Fort Washington, MD 20744 | (301) 248-2185

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Crescent Cities Jaycees Foundation