Crescent Cities Adult Day Care Center Overview

The Crescent Cities Jaycees Foundation, as part of a community partnership, established the first adult medical day care center in Southern Prince George’s County. This model facility is staffed by medical professionals and provides day time care for 87 elderly adults per week. This Center is now operated by an independent non-profit organization.

Crescent Cities Jaycees Foundation, Inc.,
6907 Oxon Hill Road,
Oxon Hill, MD 20745,
Phone: 301-567-7076.
Fax: 301-567-XXXX




A Guide to Selecting A Day Care Center

• Make a list of child care providers available.

• Call to find out about openings & hours of operation.

• Visit the day care. Make sure that it is licensed.

• Look over the center for cleanliness, toys, play space inside, available room inside and play space outside.

• How do the teachers treat your child? Are they friendly?
• How do they talk to your child and how do they deal with problems?

• Do the other children in the center look happy?

• Do they have an open door policy for parental visits?

• Ask other parents questions like “If you had to find a day care again, would you select the same day care?”

• If you feel unsure about your choice, visit it again.

• To avoid surprises, always have an agreement. Make sure that you clearly understand any requirements.

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